08 Februari 2018

Thank You Very Much

Hello All

Today i think like im going to write my entry by using Bahasa languange not English

Because i think

as a Malaysian Citizen

i need to use my Bahasa language to dignify our country to foreigner

they need to know our languange

they need to learn our languange not we need to change our languange

in malay we said like this 'biar mereka yang belajar bahasa kita bukan kita yang ubah bahasa kita ke bahasa mereka

To all reader from other country

i'm sorry after this im going to write in Bahasa not English anymore

I'm hope you all understand my entry after this

But before i'm going to post this last my entry in English

I'm going to say that i'm really-really appreciate you all for coming and read to my post or entry

Thank you very much for coming to my blog and read my entry

Thank you

See you again

Bye All

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