30 Disember 2017

My New year "Azam" for 2018

Hye All

Tomorrow is last day for 2017

it mean 2018 is coming

when 2018 my age will turn 26

oh no

how time fly fast

can't believe already life for 25 year

It time for everyone make their "Azam" for 2018

My "Azam" for 2018 is


1. Continue my "azam" at 2017 that not achieve yet

2. Want to get permanent job with rm2000 and above salary

3. Hope to have chance to make Haji or Umrah

4. Get more money to go travel everywhere that i want to go especially Seoul and other country

5. Want to get marry with someone that love me more than i love him

6. Get more money or become rich

7. Always happy with my big family and with my love or future husband

8. Many thing that i want to do will achieve

9. Life become easier no more problem or trouble

10. get to buy my own house or car

11. Get to make a big birthday party for me that will celebrate with anak yatim or else

12. Hope get future husband that have a good-hearted instead of "kaki pukul atau panas baran"

13. Hope get future husband that love to travel and have same hobby like me that love to travel and shopping

14. Hope all my "Azam" for this 2018 year and last year will achieve




26 Disember 2017

Planning for My Salary Budget

Hye all

Hope all my reader in good condition

if sick please see doctor faster

okay in this entry

i would story about my salary budget

what is my salary budget?

If you done read my previous entry

continue read this entry

but if you not read my previous entry please read first

in this entry i would like to story what i have done in planning for my salary budget

this is my plan if i get the job with this salary

i hope i can make it when i get the job

I write this salary budget on my book

but I made it back in Microsoft excel

so all my readers can see and understand clearly


please ask me first before copy

Let me explain

First table is my budget salary if i get the job with RM1500 salary

Second table is my budget for RM2000 salary and last table is my budget if i get job with RM2500 salary

let me explain one from it

because it same only number change

i'm planning

if i get RM1500 payment for salary

i will divide to 6 section

which is for

- saving
- ptptn
- car/house
- others
- travel

as you see have six column

because i want to calculate how many i get or spend my money

from 6 month until 36 month which is 3 years

RM 1500/6 section will get RM 250 in a month

so each section will get RM 250 in a month

i think i don't need to explain about how get this amount for that month again
as you can see clearly at table

i think i'm going to explain about this

for saving with RM 250 in a month if i saving for 1 years(12 month) will get RM1500

maybe in your mind im saving for 12 month only get same amount with my salary

but you need to patient

when i'm saving RM 250 from 1 month until 36 month( 3 Years)

will get RM9000

even though it looks a bit

at least i have saving for future

because we don't know how long we can work

try imagine if we don't have saving for future and accident happen and we cannot work again

how we need to get money to support our life

why i'm choose ptptn because

i'm using PTPTN for loan study

so i need to pay back

that why in my section have ptptn section

so i have money to pay back

"We owe it then we have to pay back"

If i pay RM 250 in a month X 36 month i done to pay RM 9000 for my PTPTN

continue pay until done 

Let me explain about travel section

In 1 month i'm saving RM 250 until 12 month so i will get RM 3000

so i can go travel to Seoul or other country with RM 3000 using travel agent that do 

package holiday that offer for 5 day 4 night for RM 3000 or cheaper than that

but if i wait and continue saving again until 24 month i will get RM 6000 and if i saving 

until 36 month(3 year) without use that money i will get total RM 9000

so i can travel everywhere that i like with that amount

maybe during 3 years with RM 9000 that i get i can travel 2 country or more 

That all my planning for salary budget if i get job

Hope in 2018 I will get job


Please all my reader i would like to ask you to make a Doa for me to get the job in 2018 or get the job coming new years in five day more 

Please Please

Make a Doa for me to get job by this coming new year

I also will make Doa for all my reader to get all what they need and happy with family and hopefully always healthy



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