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26 Disember 2017

My wish

Hye All

Hope all my reader in good feelings

Actually today i'm going to say about

my feeling

I think all people in this world have their feeling toward travel or holiday

Like me

i like to travel but in my condition right now

as graduate student

that don't have money or job

i think

difficult to me to travel

we need money to go travel

a lot of money

where country i wish to go which is

3.New Zealand

1 until 3 is my first hope to travel there

why i want to travel to Seoul and other country is because

i want to get more knowledge about their country and enjoy their season and love to know their culture

Really appreciate if have someone a kind person that want to sponsor me to travel country that i like to go

or maybe someone that want sponsor me to do review about that place

i'm really appreciate that

but i don]t think i get the chance like that

So i think that i need to do something even i cannot go there

maybe dream dream dream and dream


only that i can do right now

because i try to apply for job but until now i don't get any reply from that company 

either they agree to accept or don't accept me

So i think what can i do right now is dream dream dream

until i get a job and get money

I would like to ask all my readers to make a Doa

for me so i get my job faster and get more money

so i can go travel

See you later at my new entry


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