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09 Februari 2012

not going back there, help me

hye all, why nadia feeling too lazy to go home Posted at perlis.
I feel exhausted I continue to learn new but in sem 6.
I finished it lays no mood I want to learn
why not feel like going back there
  probably because I kept thinking how I see it chocolate vanilla story since there is no television
 I feel like crying already have
not going back there
please help me
I do not want to return there
please delay is the time of order till the day Saturday or Sunday
 I am not going back there
Posted can help me
I feel exhausted quickly learn
continue after the expiration of practical learning
I know no one can help me
but I do kind of have it back there
fate fate
YA ALLAH please save or help me is that in a hard
huhuhuhu not going back there
father, please buy the TV for me
for your son
 Posted at forward is how I want to do as a student who struggles common knowledge counterbalance it say
although not going back there
 ok la bye all
see next time okay

thank for read my entry is not as good for your entry

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