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08 Februari 2012

cigarettes harm your health and your environment

hye readers , how are you .harap anda semua sihat-sihat selalu
now i want tell about cigarette
  many people who smoke, no matter it from the age of 18 and 18 above under the old but already there
 the funny thing is right near the box of cigarettes I have all kinds of pictures
     you all already know the state cigarette I was not even the health hazards of smoking health, but that I    shall be able to sit close to the same diseases as cigarette smoke  
    Posted at produced by people who smoke cigarettes you all must know right when someone is smoking is hard to stop more difficult 
if smokers want to quit
        is easy to stop if there is a strong effort in smokers
 so to help smokers quit smoking if you do not even help others far short of those around you even with your girlfriend to help is a long way if you want to smoke even though you are not saying what girlfriend want to know why not because you do not mind smoking only girlfriend fear you , you leave him or angry him .
to a smoking stop smoking because smoking harmful to health
  But keep your health and those around you

sampai sini jer entry kali ni jumpa lain kali ok

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