08 Oktober 2011


salam all, thank you for willing to read my post. I was born to do alone without a lover who really loved me. I like born to love alone, without really loved me. I longed to have a lover who loves me wholeheartedly and accept me for granted. always there when I was sad and happy. who always inspired me and who always advised me in any at all. are always concerned about me and who were willing to take care of me when sick or healthy. that never makes me sad and always makes me happy. always honest and did not doubt and I believe completely. are always respected me as a woman and that is not rough with me. whether I will get right lover loves me, but when the time is my time working or studying or older at the time. ya allah, when you will send me a lover who truly loves me wholeheartedly. will do next time I have a new lover who loves me wholeheartedly. new future if I have a fairly long time lover and you show me Ya Allah who really loves me wholeheartedly that. if he really is my mate right then you close it to me. if it is my mate he is not then you is on my far right. ya allah give you right to my mate who is really loved me, who works with me and who really loves me for granted. Ya Allah show you that it is human to me, that I have a lover who truly loves me wholeheartedly.

                                                         DOA PENDEKAT JODOH

Ya Allah , jadikanlah saya `Aizaitul nadia binti nadzrin dikasihi pada hati-hati mereka yang beriman dan gembirakanlah saya `Aizaitul nadia binti nadzrin dengan kekayaan sehingga seratus dua puluh kebaikan . Allah adalah sebaik-baik pemelihara dan dia amat mengasihi daripada segala-galanya.

                                                                          AMIN .....

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